A leading light of the maverick pack of ‘50s writers who forged the Beat Generation, whose works sparked the cultural revolution of the ‘60s, Jack Kerouac is best known for his exhilarating lust for life, distilling his adventures and his hopes in a series of high-octane novels. While the image of Kerouac as a freewheeling spirit of the open road has endured, his novels, Big Sur and Tristessa reveal his obsession with the darker recesses of human experience. 


The Los Angeles Times has called Reimagine Productions' founder Jim Sampas "the thinking person's producer [who has a] reputation for sticking out of the pack." He has produced numerous projects receiving coverage in such major news outlets as People Magazine, Newsweek, CNN, The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and has appeared on such radio programs as National Public Radio's Weekend Edition, Morning Edition, Here and Now, All Things Considered, The Westwood One's Jim Bohannon Show, and US Government's Voice of America.

Sampas is also founder and owner of the tribute only record label Reimagine Music. Click logo below for more info. Experience the  highly praised reimaginings of such iconic artists as The Rolling Stones, The Cure, Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan,

The Beatles, and others on Spotify at: www.reimagine.us

Contact Jim Sampas at jims@reimaginemusic.com

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